Dear consumer,

Thank you for choosing an XPOWER product

In order to register your product in our database and your warranty to be valid, please fill in the following information. Posting the purchase receipt or invoice and international warranty card is mandatory for your warranty to be valid. Please keep the warranty form that is included in the product packaging and the purchase receipt or invoice.


The warranty covers only the devices that have been imported and sold by our company and cover the European market, the posting of the purchase receipt or the invoice is mandatory for your warranty to be valid. Please keep the warranty form on the product packaging as well as the proof of purchase or the invoice.

The product is covered by a limited warranty of 24 months from the date of purchase. Any defect due to defective materials or construction will either be replaced or repaired during this period by the seller or authorized distributor from whom you purchased the device. Shipping and taxes that will arise are the responsibility of the buyer. The warranty is subject to the following provisions:

The warranty does not cover normal wear, accident, misusage or problems arising from incorrect power supply, damage resulting from any other use than the product designed, any disassembly and modification of the device without XPOWER approval.

It is clarified that the batteries of XPOWER electric fogger are covered by a warranty of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase, the batteries used by XPOWER are of the latest generation of lithium ions, so the best is currently on the market.

To protect your device electronics and battery, always unplug the appliance after it has been fully charged for approximately 3 hours or as soon as the green light of the charger comes on.

To store the device for a long time, it is good to charge the device at 40%, and keep it at room temperature.

During the above warranties, the necessary repairs of both the product and the spare parts and related work will be carried out free of charge. The product is a professional tool and should only be used by trained and qualified personnel and according to the instructions in this manual, the operational safety of the unit (eg test water spray) must be checked before installing the unit in operation. Leaks inside pipes and valves must be corrected.

Do not operate the appliance if its safe operation is not guaranteed. The warranty expires if the product is resold, repaired with non-genuine spare parts, or damaged by unskilled repair. Chemical solutions must be officially approved for the specific applications and the safety table of the chemical solution must be examined before using them. Chemicals that release oxygen, chlorine, and other acids (eg peroxides) should only be used on approved acid-resistant equipment models. If the product is not approved for acid resistance, the Ph value should be limited to 4.5-8.5. After each use, fill the tank with clean water and spray for about 3 minutes to remove any chemicals left in the appliance.

Make sure all the water is exhausted and the machine is dry before storing. Damage caused by corrosion due to moisture and incorrect storage void the warranty.

Any formation of microparticles or fog from flammable substances or acids that release oxygen carries a risk of explosion and fire if there is a source of ignition. Observe the burst limit of each pesticide and avoid overdosing accordingly. Use only non-flammable liquids, alcohol preparations are prohibited, and spraying in areas where there are suspended flammable particles and there is a risk of explosion.

The device is not explosive. Operators have a duty and obligation to avoid dangerous handling. Operators must not spray hot surfaces or electrical cables, even in closed rooms above 35 ° C. Hold the unit by the handle in a safe upright position and then spray in front of you.

If you want to leave the device running at some point, do not leave the unit unattended. Secure the rooms after using the appliance and only authorized people are allowed access. (eg we place the necessary markings outside each room).

We keep the treated rooms closed to prevent leaks.

Ventilate the rooms well before using them by humans (this also depends on the type of disinfectant we use).

Specifications are subject to change without notice. The manufacturer disclaims any responsibility for accidental or consequential damage that the product may cause if due to misuse and mishandling of the product and non-application of the above instructions.

The warranty offers something extra to the buyer and does not diminish his established legal rights.