Best investment for the health and safety needs of what
you value the most, Your Guests and Staff!

HEPA IAQ Treatment

Essential tools for removing indoor pollutants throughout your facility.

Provide a healthier indoor air quality.

AP-2000 -Ideal for Lobbies, conference halls, fitness areas or any large rooms.

X-3780 – Ideal for smaller areas, cafeterias, dining rooms, laundry rooms, or business centers

Axial Fan with Ozone Generator

Produce and spread high concentration of Ozone to help sanitize and deodorized any room in your hotel.

Chemical free treatment for sensitive areas*.

Eliminate odors including cigarette smoke, food, mold, and mildew odors.

* Use in Kitchen areas to sanitize open work surfaces

ULV Cold Fogger Treatment

Disinfect any area faster and more effective than traditional housekeeping cleaning methods.

High quality tool to increase your custodial team productivity

Ideal for hallways-lobbies, Guest Elevators, Meeting Rooms, Convention spaces, & Hotel Shuttle Vans